I asked myself every day: „Would I be able to understand it, if these people also made their way to Europe or to us to escape the existing poverty and hardship?” My answer was a clear, “Yes!”… (Bettina Schmidt)


Our Motivation to help in Gambia


With an area of 11 000 square km, Gambia is the smallest country on the African continent. Gambia has a population of 2 million (in July 2016). The country has no economically viable mineral resources. Agriculture, tourism and fishing being the country’s main source of income.

The average monthly wage is 29 euro (in 2015) Annual school fees 200 – 400 euro (2010). Water for daily use often has to be collected on foot from 7 km or more away.

This is why the idea was created to help these people.




The main problems for the people of Gambia


  • Poorly equipped classrooms.
  • Demand of school and learning material.
  • School fees.
  • Lack of financial means to pay teachers.


  • Urgent need for food.
  • Growing food is only for a very few people possible, due to the lack of adequate water infrastructure.


  • Medical aid and doctors have to be paid for privately.
  • Preventive health is often technically and hygienically problematic.