Our concept – our goals



We operate in keeping with the motto, “help to help oneself”. We are a non profit orientated organization and finance ourselves solely from donations.

Our objective is the funding of education, health care and nutrition for the people of Gambia. With our help, we can ensure a concrete, direct and sustainable livelihood and self-sufficiency for the people. Additionally, our activities help the people to improve their self-reliance and personal strengths.

Since my childhood I have had a dream of being able to offer my help to Africa. I just didn’t know how to put my thoughts into action. But in October 2015 it eventually happened. I took on an invitation to Gambia which would change my life. I discovered my love for this country and its people. It was clear what had to be done: “I have to commit myself to helping Gambia”. I was greatly humbled by the sight of the poverty and hardships of the people there. Yet they always had a smile and helped each other unconditionally. That is living humanity. It became clear that the people of Gambia need help to self-help. Ever since we have engaged ourselves with unabated optimism to improving the living conditions for the people of Gambia. (Bettina Schmidt)


Our Help, Projects and activities:



  • Building and renovating schools
  • Paying for school fees and teaching and learning aids


  • Buying staple foods
  • Constructing water towers (drilling boreholes and installing solar powered pumps), which enables the growing of potatoes and other vegetables as well as sheep and cattle farming.


  • Buying medicine
  • Paying for emergency treatment
  • Medical equipment etc