Redroofs Nursery School in Bundung, Gambia


School founder and principal – Abdoulie Nyassi (E.C.D) degree in early childhood development.

The Redroofs Nursery School is one of the poorest pre-schools in Bundung. Presently there are 105 pupils taught by three teachers. The pupils are aged between three and six.

The pre-school is very important as the official language is English.

Yearly school fees cost D 300 (ca. 6 Euro) in addition to school uniform, writing utensils and sport clothes.

At age 7 children start primary school where the classes are taught entirely in English.

The children start learning English at nursery school from the age of three, amongst other ways, through games, songs and dance. Only in this way do the children have a chance to understand the curriculum in the first class at primary school. In addition the children learn the importance of personal hygiene, self-responsibility and punctuality, whereby the parents also recognize these traits and at the same time the importance of non-violent upbringing.

Abdoulie Nyassie:

I founded the Redroofs Nursery School on the 6th October 2014. I see it as my mission to enable as many children as possible, the valuable experience of attending pre-school. I could rent a property with a building for 50 Euro a month.

That began with difficulty.

I met Bettina Schmidt in October 2015, who has since tirelessly supported us with her organization, “Future for Gambia” The organization has financed the building of a third toilet, thus preventing the closure of the school by the ministry of education.

Bettina has a big heart and shares ma visions and goals.

Now to the school situation:

I visit the children and parents at home on a regular basis and therefore know the individual life stories. That makes it easier to work with the kids and we can better understand the problems that occasionally occur in the classrooms, thus helping the kids by relieving stress and enhancing the concentration in classes.

It is very disturbing for us when children cry because of hunger on a daily basis. It is extremely emotional.

The parents live in great poverty. Most of the children come to school without having had breakfast and have no packed lunch. As a result they often fall asleep in class because they are so weak. With tears flowing, they beg their fellow pupils, who have food, to give them some.

Sometimes I go to the local shop and buy dry bread on credit and divide it amongst the kids. Unfortunately I can’t often afford it.

Due to this situation we would be very grateful if “Future for Gambia” could provide us with school meals to enable the children to have one free warm meal a day.

It would save a lot of tears, because it is very difficult for hungry children to keep up with classes. In addition it would motivate the parents to keep sending their children to school regularly.

We thank you, from our deepest hearts, for the huge help “Future for Gambia” in Germany offers us. May God bless you.

Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world. It provides them a tool that allows them to drive their own positive change.” Nelson Mandela